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Anna was recently interviewed about Reign. She spoke with news sites such as Entertainment Weekly, TVLine, Zap2it, E!, Yahoo! and more. Note: SPOILER ALERTS!

Reign’s Anna Popplewell on Lola’s Pregnancy, Time Jumps and ‘Exciting’ Bash News

Reign Lola PregnancyCan Reign‘s Lola ever catch a break? Her time at French Court has been a nightmare since day one, and now that she’s pregnant with Francis’ child, things are only going to get worse for everyone. (Well, almost everyone.)

TVLine spoke with Lola herself, Anna Popplewell, about her character’s complicated pregnancy, the impending “Darkness” at Court and how the baby could play a major role in the ongoing Mary-Francis-Bash love triangle.

TVLINE | It’s crazy how Lola suddenly went from just one of Mary’s ladies in waiting to this major problem for her marriage. What’ll happen there?
In the next few episodes, you’ll see Lola and Mary trying to avoid having Francis find out about the pregnancy, because the implications of that would either be her giving the child to Francis or possibly remaining at Court for the rest of her life.

TVLINE | Mary appeared to forgive Lola, but has she really?
I don’t think it’s something that Mary’s ever going to forget. It wasn’t a brilliant decision on Lola’s part, or Francis’s — it does take two to tango. But I understand where it came from. There was originally a speech in that episode where Lola talks to Francis about Colin, who was killed, and also the death of Aylee. These characters were really connecting out of sadness. Anyway, I don’t think Mary will forgive her, but I think she’ll come to understand how sorry Lola is about it and how little she wants to threaten their marriage.

TVLINE | Is this a secret that could drive a wedge between Mary and Francis?
Well, as long as Mary is keeping this secret, she’s going to be lying to her husband and Lola is going to be the cause of that. It’s not just Lola’s future at stake, but also Mary’s future with Francis. So, drama on all sides, really.

TVLINE | I’m sure Bash would love to get his hands on this information. Will he?
At the moment, Bash is less involved in that side of things, but as you said, any weakness between Mary and Francis is key for Bash because he’s still so in love with Mary. And it’s impossible for those feelings to ever be forgotten. But there’s something exciting that happens for Bash during the remaining episodes that will alter the balance of that situation.

TVLINE | Time is progressing so quickly. Could Lola have this baby by the end of Season 1?
It could be. There are definitely more time jumps between now and the end of the season, and we’ll be moving the plot along very rapidly.

TVLINE | And what’s this “Darkness” we keep hearing about? It’s spooky.
“The Darkness” is a threat to everyone in the castle, really. In addition to all the scheming in French Court, there’s also this overwhelming threat from outside. You’ll see that come to the front in the last few episodes of the season.

TVLINE | Lastly, any major deaths we should be bracing ourselves for?
It’s always a possibility, and there’s plenty of death at the castle. Life expectancy was not the same then as it is now, so people are really dropping like flies. {}

‘Reign’ star Anna Popplewell reveals [spoiler!] is getting married, talks Francis and Mary’s ‘happily ever after’

Reign‘s newest royal couple, Francis and Mary, just got back from their honeymoon, and things are already looking grim. For starters, Bash is still in love with Mary — even though he ended the last episode by kissing a hot hunter — and Lola has admitted that she is pregnant with Francis’ child. Add all that to the fact that King Henry just humped a woman out of a window to her death, and we’ve got some very exciting drama ahead of us.

To talk about what comes next for the very pregnant Lola, and what Olivia was saying about the darkness, we caught up with Anna Popplewell (Lola). She told us all about the love triangle, Henry’s “misbehaviors,” and an upcoming wedding:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Lola dropped this pregnancy bomb on Mary in the last episode, so where does their friendship go from here?
ANNA POPPLEWELL: Well, it’s tough. [Laughs] Basically, in a nut shell. It’s a big mistake isn’t it? I think it’s going to be a very difficult thing for Mary to truly forgive and forget. She’s very magnanimous in the episode we’ve just seen, and I think part of that is due to the fact that the way that she finds out about the pregnancy and about Lola’s liaison with Francis is in a situation where Lola is risking a horrible death in order to abort the child, in order to save Mary and Francis’ marriage, and in order to stop Mary from finding out that this ever happened. So I do think it’s going to present big problems for their friendship in the future. I think that the fact that Lola has shown that she is so sorry that she is willing to risk death over making things right is obviously a big motivator for Mary to preserve their friendship as best they can. The main thing for Lola and Mary at the moment is trying to find Lola a husband, because if they can find a husband quickly enough, then they can pass the child off as being that husband’s child, and Francis and Mary won’t have to face Francis having a bastard son with Lola or a bastard daughter with Lola.

Is Lola’s connection with Francis dead? Will we see more of their connection, even in a non-romantic way, moving forward?
I mean you will certainly see them interact again this season. I think that that connection was very much of that moment. They were both in dark places. I think it’s not an accident that it happened outside the castle. I think they were both having reflective moments on their unhappiness at French court, and how despite the fact of how lucky they are, how wealthy and fortunate socially, that there’s a kind of dissatisfaction there and a kind of sadness. I think that that connection was something that happened in that moment, in those circumstances really.

Maybe this is me holding onto something that I need to let go, but I really loved Lola and Bash’s moment that happened a while back.
It really was just a series of moments, like a light flirtation I guess. But that was episode 4. So that was a while ago, and I think it was a very small glimmer of a possibility, because at the time, Bash was really having feelings for Mary. To me it seemed like they got along, but I don’t know whether that was ever heading in a particularly romantic direction.

Okay, is it something I should let go?
I think it’s something that you should probably let go of, but I would never say never on Reign.

Fair enough. The last episode ended with Mary lying next to Francis in bed with her eyes open. It seems their honeymoon period is literally and emotionally over, so what is this pregnancy going to do to this core love triangle of Bash, Mary, and Francis?
I think it shouldn’t really be a surprise given that they got married in episode 13 with nine episodes of season 1 still to come that it’s not going to be plain sailing for Mary and Francis, and obviously that has implications for Bash because he’s so invested in his feelings for Mary. But it also I think just reflects how bumpy life in general is at French court. This was never really going to be an easy marriage, both of them political priorities that sometimes are at odds with one another, so obviously Lola’s pregnancy and Mary’s promise to Lola to keep that pregnancy a secret from Francis is going to be one of the challenges that they face, one of the sources of mistrust, but they’re going to have plenty of things to talk about and fight over and make up over. Just because they’re married, doesn’t mean they’re going to be happily ever after.

With this pregnancy, are we going to get any more of Lola’s family and her story?
Well we’ve met her brother and we know a little about Lola’s family – we know that she lost other brothers, that now, this brother is her only remaining brother – and it’s interesting because the logistics of family were a little different then. I mean all of these girls left their families when they came to [France], and there haven’t exactly been visits. So they’re all acting fairly self-sufficiently, but obviously bearing in mind how their actions affect their family reputation whilst they’re at court.

Branching out a little, the promo makes it seem that King Henry might be going on a bit of a killing spree, so what can you tell me about what’s coming up for him?
King Henry is rarely not misbehaving it seems, but there will some kind of more serious misbehaviors in episodes coming up, yes.

Will we get more Clarissa this season?
Maybe is all I can say to that. [Laughs]

The darkness was introduced in the last episode, so what can you preview about what’s coming up, and what this darkness could mean for everyone in the castle?
I think it’s so interesting, this idea of the darkness, because we’re always watching the political machinations and sexual intrigue and personal worries of these characters at French court, but the darkness is something that threatens all of them, and that will become more apparent as the season continues, that there’s this overarching threat. And it’s something that will be explained further and dealt with more explicitly and more directly as the season goes on.

Where are you all in filming?
We’re just starting to shoot episode 21.

Do you have an episode or a story that you’re most looking forward to fans seeing?
I can tell you that Lola is going to get married before the end of season 1, and I have been having a lot of fun working with the actor who plays my husband, so I’m looking forward to fans seeing those scenes.

Can you tell me if we’ve met him yet?I can’t. You’ll have to wait and see.

Reign airs tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW. {}

‘Reign’: Anna Popplewell on Lola’s betrayal, pregnancy and future husband

Lola’s on the hunt for a husband on The CW’s “Reign.” Her one-time dalliance with Prince Francis — her BFF Mary’s now-husband — led to an unplanned pregnancy, and now the lady in waiting needs to find a suitor so the future king of France doesn’t realize the consequences of their night together.

Zap2it spoke with Anna Popplewell about her character’s next moves, which involve trying to get the heck out of French court.

Zap2it: Poor Lola. Of course this happens to her.
Anna Popplewell: When I read it I was like, “She’s definitely going to get pregnant.” That would just be typical. Think of all the unions that happen on this show, how many people have had sex with other people — of course Lola was going to get pregnant when she slept with Francis.

How did you feel when you realized what was going to happen?
I think we were all surprised that Lola and Francis were going to get together, but in thinking about it, what motivated it for me was the fact that they were both in really difficult situations. They’d both been having a rough time and they had this moment of connection where they both acknowledged how lucky they were to be living their lives in terms of their wealth and their connections and their material comforts, but they were both sad and had gone through the wringer a bit and I think it was just that moment of connection that lead to that mistake.

It was sudden but when you think about it, their connection makes sense.
It was very quick, but everything on the show is very quick. I think it was edited out in the end, but originally there was a speech in there that Lola had about losing Colin and about losing Aylee. Francis had just rescued her from near financial ruin. Things had not been easy for Lola at French court.

To be fair, nothing’s been easy for anyone at French court.
That’s true, and they all make poor decisions as a result of that.

Do you ever scream at the screen when you’re watching people make said poor decisions?
Of course! But I think that’s always the way it’s going to be on shows like this, because there’s kind of no such thing as a happy couple on “Reign.” Sometimes I think that maybe Henry and Catherine are the closest thing we have to a happy couple, and they are extremely dysfunctional. But it wouldn’t be “Reign” if we didn’t have drama.

There are also the OMG moments, like the whole Henry/girl/window situation.
I kind of couldn’t believe that the writers went there, but I just thought that Alan [Van Sprang] played it to perfection. I loved the plot with him and Catherine, I thought it was a brilliant one.

Let’s talk about Mary and Lola’s relationship. It was a betrayal but maybe not a direct one?
I think it’s a pretty big betrayal. Mary was engaged to Bash at the time, but if one of my close friends hooked up with my ex-fiance I think I would be pretty annoyed about it. I think Mary is incredibly magnanimous about it, and I think that one of the reasons she’s so magnanimous about it is that in the episode that we’d just seen, Lola almost kills herself over trying to keep this secret. She’s really aware that she’s made a mistake and there’s a very concrete consequence to this mistake, and she needs to do something about it.

The abortion that she tries to go and get is very likely to kill her, so I think that she certainly appears to be very sorry and I think Mary’s aware of that. It’s very hard to be very angry with someone who’s just nearly killed themselves trying to keep your secret. So that’s part of it.

How is their relationship going to fare going forward?
Well, I think that this will always exist in their relationship. I think it’s going to be impossible for Mary to forget. I think the pressing thing at the moment is to try and find Lola a husband. because if they can find her a husband they can try and pretend the child is that husband’s child and that will make it OK; that will make it easier to smooth things over.

In the next episode there’s a festival called First Light where suitors give ladies candles and ask them to light them in their windows if they accept their courtship. Mary perceives this as an excellent opportunity for Lola to find a suitor, so that’s what they’ll be working on.

It sounds like a singles mixer.
It’s a very old-fashioned, one-sided singles mixer.

What if Lola gets stuck with a guy she doesn’t care for at all?
That’s the thing. I think that Lola’s now very worried that that’s the sacrifice she’s going to have to make, and as far as I see it, really all she wants at this point is to get away from French court, to be happy with someone she loves and to start a family of her own somewhere far away from all of the terrible things that have happened to her in the last year. But that’s not easy when time is of the essence, and obviously she may have to sacrifice that happiness for the sake of hiding her pregnancy. I can tell you that Lola is going to get married by the end of Season 1. I can’t tell you to whom, but she will get married.

How long can she keep the pregnancy secret from Francis?
That’s kind of why time is of the essence — because if she can find a husband before she starts to show, then there’s no reason as to why the child shouldn’t be the suitor’s as opposed to Francis’. I think he would suspect it if she got too far into her pregnancy without finding a suitor, but that’s not ideal. That’s what they’re trying to avoid.

What did you think of Kenna’s advice to Lola?
I think Lola has a different view on the pregnancy from Kenna. Kenna has enjoyed her position as a mistress and the status it confers on her, but I think Lola and Kenna have quite different attitudes on French court, apart from anything else. Kenna seems fairly content to be in French court. While she faces challenges, that’s the world she’s existing in for now. Whereas I think ever since Colin’s death, Lola’s been looking for ways out of French court and a position as a mistress or being pregnant with a royal’s child would mean she’s always tied to French court.

If Lola gets her way, then she’d leave!
I think Lola would love to be far away from French court but this is a show where characters rarely get what they want.

“Reign” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. {}

Save the Date: Another Reign Wedding Happening by the End of the Season! Scoop From the New Bride

“Lola is going to get married before the end of the season.”

And guess what? It could happen as early as tonight. Reign, officially the craziest show on TV and we love it.

Now that Lola (Anna Popplewell) has a royal bun in her oven, courtesy of a one night stand with Francis (Toby Regbo), she and a “very hurt” Mary (Adelaide Kane) decide the best way to hide the pregnancy is by finding Lola a husband. ASAP. Enter: the First Light ceremony, which will be at the center of tonight’s episode of the CW hit, “The Darkness.”

“It’s a pretty urgent situation for Lola,” Anna Popplewell previews. “She has a ticking time bomb in her belly right now. There’s a ceremony called “First Light,” which is where suitors give a candle to the lady of their choosing, and if they accept the suitor’s courtship then they light it in their window. So obviously Mary thinks that that will be a perfect opportunity for Lola to find a husband, but Lola has, I think, understandable objections to the suitor that Mary has arranged for her, so that causes some drama.”

Basically, it’s The Bachelorette: Lola Edition.

But does Lola actually have feelings for Francis, who is currently unaware of her pregnancy?

“I’s interesting. I think in the moment, they probably had a connection because they both just felt very sad about life at French court,” Popplewell says. “I think that when she and Francis got together, I think that that was just both of them recognizing in each other someone who didn’t want to be at French court, didn’t want the life that they knew they were so fortunate to have in some ways, and kind of bonding over that. So I think it was not a great decision. It was a mistake, but I understood in the moment why she made it and how she made it.”

Someone who won’t understand why she made it would be Queen Catherine (Megan Follows), Francis’ mother and the wicked witch of French Court (a compliment, we swear).

“That’s going to be a minefield,” Popplewell teases of Catherine potentially learning of Lola’s pregnancy. “I think Lola should probably be quaking in her boots.”

Reign airs tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW. {}

‘Reign’ spoilers: Anna Popplewell teases big excitement and drama

The truth about Lola’s pregnancy was not what Mary expected on “Reign.” The pregnancy will continue to cause trouble for Mary and her new marriage in the episodes to come. On March 18, TV Line shared the latest spoilers from Anna Popplewell. She stars as Lola on the series, and she shared some big teases for fans of the show.

Mary found out about Lola’s pregnancy on the last episode, and she knows just who the father is. She didn’t allow Lola to end the pregnancy though. Popplewell teased the following about the drama to come on the series:

“As long as that secret exists, Mary is going to be lying to her husband. It’s not just Lola’s future that’s at stake, but also Mary’s future with Francis.”

The actress also teased a big event coming up soon on the series that will change the balance of the love triangle Mary finds herself at the center of. Popplewell said it was something ‘very exciting.’

Bash will be busy on the next episode though. Latino Post shared new spoilers for this week’s episode on Tuesday as well. Bash will focus his attention on the darkness in the woods. He will want to know the truth, but there will be dark events inside the castle as well. King Henry will be behind another women’s death, and this will cause Kenna to fear for her own life. As for Lola, Mary will not be happy when Lola does not take part in ‘first light’ to meet a new suitor.

What do you think? Are you excited to see what happens next on this series? {}

Who’s Getting Married Next on ‘Reign’? Anna Popplewell Reveals Big Wedding News

The wedding bells have barely stopped ringing on “Reign” for Queen Mary and Prince Francis, and it seems they’ll soon be in use again. As actress Anna Popplewell revealed to Yahoo TV, her character Lola — pregnant by Francis (Toby Regbo) — needs a husband and gets married by the end of the season! And ex-best friend Mary (Adelaide Kane) is the one who’s going to help her.
We chatted with Popplewell about what to expect from the rest of the drama’s first season, and asked her questions submitted by fans on Twitter.

Lola is kind of in a tough spot right now — pregnant with her former best friend’s husband’s child.
She is in a bit of a bind. [Laughs.] There are obviously quite big consequences of her liaison with Francis in Paris. What you’re going to see in the next couple of episodes is Mary and Lola trying to find a husband for Lola, because if they can find a husband quickly enough, then Lola will be able to pass off the unborn child as her husband’s. And then Francis won’t have to know about the unborn baby.

It’s difficult, though, of course, I think that Lola had this dream of finding love — she’s a romantic — and finding someone she can have a life with and a family with. And obviously with the need to do that very quickly comes a possible sacrifice of her own personal wishes.

That’s something Mary knows a bit about. What’s their relationship like now?
I think it’s certainly in Mary’s interest to help Lola find a husband. I think that it’s not going to be entirely smooth sailing, as far as their friendship goes, understandably.

Any chance Francis is going to find out?
I guess there’s always a chance he might find out. And of course, it’s putting a real strain on Mary’s relationship with Francis, for her to keep that secret. But it is a secret they intend to try to keep, because the ramifications of him finding out are so grave. You see it in that scene in Episode 14 with Lola — she doesn’t really want the official position of mistress, she doesn’t want to be the mother of a prince or a bastard. She wants to have her own life outside of French court.

This first season has gone by at a breakneck speed. Can we expect more of the same?
It’s not going to slow [down]. There’s certainly a lot of drama to come. I can tell you that Lola is going to get married before the end of the season. She’s certainly going to be busy! And there are so many threads that need to be followed up and some of them tie up by the end of the season.

On a show like “Reign,” it seems like anyone could die at any moment. Is that something you and the other actors prepare for?
There’s always a chance that you’ll show up to a table read and your character will be killed! [Laughs.] No one is really safe at French court. And I like being on a show where really no one is safe. I think it’s important that audiences are aware of that — any of your favorite characters could die at any time.

We have some questions for you from fans on Twitter.

@YahooTV is there are dress she’s worn on set that she would love to have in real life?

I love the black and red Temperley dress that I wore in Episode 10. That’s one of my favorites.

Anna Popplewell as Lola in ‘Reign’

@YahooTV I love your scenes together with Megan Follows. How do you like working with her?

I love Megan Follows. I love watching Megan Follows and I love working with Megan Follows. And I would love to have all of my scenes with Megan Follows. She is completely wonderful. But I can’t help but feel like Lola is not quite going to get away with that showdown.

@YahooTV What projects will you be doing this summer? Luv U!

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this break, at the moment. But in the future I’d love to do some theatre, I haven’t really done any since I left Oxford. I grew up in London watching a lot of stage, so I definitely want to do theatre in the future.

@YahooTV how has it been adjusting to work in American television versus film? What are her favorite & least favorite parts of playing Lola?
It’s different. I’ve never worked on this scale at this pace. I guess it’s taken me a little bit of time to adjust, just the turnaround of getting scripts the day before you shoot and maybe having all your scenes the next day. You have to be a little bit more flexible, and then there’s also the fact that when you do a film, you have the whole script in front of you before you shoot. There may be changes that happen along the way, but you pretty much know what’s going to happen before you start. With this, I imagine the excitement I have reading each new episodes is the same the fans feel when they watch. I have no idea what’s going to happen next. {}

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