Gallery Update: Reign Season 2 Promo

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New Photoshoot

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of updates. I have been having technical issues with the gallery but still wanted to add a new photoshoot Anna did recently with photographer Nick Dabas for Dujour. This is her first quite shoot in quite a while. Will add to the gallery when it starts cooperating.

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Reign Promo + BTS

I’ve added some new stills from Season 1 and Behind the Scene photos of Anna and co on the set of Reign filming season 2 recently! Some lucky fans got to watch them shoot and got photos with Anna and Toby Regbo afterwards!

PRODUCTIONS > Reign (2013) > Stills

nrs03 No Exit

PRODUCTIONS > Reign (2013) > Behind the Scenes

nrs02 nrs005 nrs008 nrsx002

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Reign 1.18: “No Exit” Still

NOTE: This post contains SPOILERS!!

Look who’s getting married :D!

PRODUCTIONS > Reign (2013) > Stills


Will it be a happy ending on Reign?

After Lola (Anna Popplewell) confessed to Julien (Giacomo Gianniotti) that she was with child, conveniently leaving out the identity of the father (Francis!), Julien still insists that the two go through with their wedding.
The Hollywood Reporter debuts an exclusive still from Thursday’s episode, “No Exit,” from Lola and Julien’s wedding ceremony. From the looks of it, the wedding seems to have gone on without a hitch.
But as The CW’s official episode description hints, there may be more going on than meets the eye, as Lola grows increasingly wary of the motives behind Julien’s proposal.

Reign airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW. {}

Screencaps soon :D!

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Reign 1.17 “Liege Lord” HSD Screencaps

PRODUCTIONS > Reign (2013) > Screencaptures > 1.17: “Liege Lord”

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Gallery Updade: Reign BTS & Social Media

It looks like Anna and the Reign cast has wrapped filming for Season 1, and photos of the wrap party have surfaced on social media. Congrats!There have also been some tweets of some earlier Behind the Scene shots from filming earlier episodes.

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PRODUCTIONS > Reign (2013) > Behind the Scenes

btsxr7 btsxr5 btsxr6 btsxr4

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Reign Stills: 1.19 “Toy Soldier”

PRODUCTIONS > Reign (2013) > Stills

smx07 Toy Soldiers Toy Soldiers as1

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Reign BTS, Social Media

I’ve added some Behind the Scenes photos of Anna on the set of Reign, as well as one taken by the transport department after Anna ordered her beloved Starbucks.

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Reign Screencaps: 1.15, 1.16

I’ve added HD screencaps to the two most recent Reign episodes, “The Darkness”, and “Monsters”. “Monsters” is my favorite episode so far — so many surprising twists! Big props to Kathryn Prescott, who played Queen of the Bean Penelope, finally overcoming the queen! You can find out more about Kathryn and her twin sister Megan on my fansite :D!

PRODUCTIONS > Reign (2013) > Screencaptures > 1.15 “The Darkness”

PRODUCTIONS > Reign (2013) > Screencaptures > 1.16 “Monsters”

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Reign 1.17 Stills

I have added UHQ stills of Anna in episode 17 of Reign. I am super excited about next weeks episode, 1.16 “Monsters”. Kathryn Prescott will guest star as a maid who wins a prize and becomes queen for a day. I run a site on Kat and her twin sister Meg, who starred in Skins, at SKINSTWINS.NET, check it out :D!

PRODUCTIONS > Reign (2013) > Stills

00rn17b 00rn17

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